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Deliver your message effectively with our tailor-made, easy-to-install, and multi-purpose communication boards, zones and cubes. We specialise in bespoke designs that can incorporate existing logos, fonts, and colour schemes to seamlessly integrate into your workplace. All of our communication options are customisable with magnetic and dry-wipe options available! We can utilise existing wall space or provide freestanding solutions to accommodate for any business environment.

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From bespoke backgrounds and eye-catching aesthetics, to specifics graphs, we tailor each multipurpose board to provide your business with optimum functionality.

Deliver your message effectively with boards that seamlessly integrate into your existing space.

Key Features:
Bespoke designs (utilise your logo, colour scheme, font, and photos)
Various sizes
Interchangeable designs
Utilise existing wall space or opt for a free standing solution that fits your business’s needs!


Tailor-made, free-standing and easy to install; This central point of contact is built to deliver your message effectively.

Key Benefits:
Bespoke designs (utilise your logo, colour scheme, font, and photos) Future-Proof
Connect with your employees
Increase visibility
Increase Accountability
Various shapes and sizes
Create a hub that incorporates all the pillars of 5S and LEAN management by assigning an area of which the primary focus is communication and increasing


The MELO cube is the pinnacle of portable and future-proof communication. Suitable for any working environment; Made of welded steel then powder-coated, with internal shelving and a hinged door. Its bespoke design with magnetic, dry-wipe, and interchangeable wall options ensure its seamless integration into your workspace.

Key Features:
Bespoke (utilise your logo, colour scheme, font, and photos)
Interchangeable designs
Internal Shelf