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MELO World Ltd offers innovative Visual Management and 5S solutions that are proven to enhance the functionality in day-to-day operations.

MELO designs, manufactures, and installs premium signs and communication products that are customizable and future-proof.

We specialise in incorporating or modernizing LEAN and 5S methodologies built for continuous improvement in your workplace.

Everything is tailor-made to enhance your operations while simultaneously promoting brand awareness and health and safety information.

Implementing the MELO standard includes:

  • On-site assessment
  • Custom Designs for all products and solutions
  • In-house production
  • Professional Installation


visual control

Streamline all working environments with MELO’s signs and display solutions by creating clearly identified areas that are fit-for-purpose.

We provide high-quality and customisable wall panels and hanging sign options in various shapes and sizes to suit your business’s needs:



Deliver your message effectively with our tailor-made, easy-to-install, and multi-purpose communication boards, zones and cubes.

We specialise in bespoke designs that can incorporate existing logos, fonts, and colour schemes to seamlessly integrate into your workplace. All of our communication options are customisable with magnetic and dry-wipe options available!

We can utilise existing wall space or provide freestanding solutions to accommodate for any business environment.


5S shadow boards

An essential 5S product implemented in the Kaizen philosophy that helps continuously improve and maintain a clean and efficient work environment.

Customizable to suit your workspace.

Equipped with high-quality tool holders.


show room

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