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The MELO Cube: the next generation of LEAN management

If you’re in the business of operating a lean and efficient workspace, then there’s one tool that will change the way you work

what is the MELO cube?

The Melo cube is a portable and customisable workspace that can be utilised in any business environment.

By having a workspace that can adapt to meet the needs of its environment, you can create one central hub of information, without risk of anything being lost in transit.

This combines the use of 5S shadow boards, notice boards, communication hubs and storage into a portable and durable option.

The MELO cube was first developed in 2017 and has since undergone several enhancements to ensure it is continuously improving, bringing you the best possible product on the market.

how does it work?

Each wall of the cube is completely customisable to allow for cleaning, organising rotas & workforce, holding relevant documents and more.

All of the walls are interchangeable and tailor-made, making it future-proof and built to last. All walls have a MELO custom overlay that can be changed and upgraded as often as you need – ensuring you can keep up-to-date with any business changes.

Each overlay can be customised to serve a different purpose, meaning each wall of the MELO cube can target a specific function in warehouse or business management.

cover all aspects of warehouse management


wall 1: a shadow board for cleaning equipment

wall 2: a shadow board for health and safety equipment (e.g., first aid kits) & incident reports

wall 3: information section to deliver any relevant messages effectively to all employees

wall 4: tables or graphs with any content matching your process on site

*All walls are dry wipe & magnetic-friendly – Utilise document holders or dry-wipe markers to communicate messages.

one compact & portable device

The MELO cube interior is designed with you in mind.

This space can be utilised to meet your requirements; store documents, health and safety equipment, warehouse tools, or turn into a standing work desk space – the possibilities are endless.

The movability of this product means that you will be able to take the cube wherever suits you on any given day with minimal effort.

key features

-bespoke (utilise your logo, colour scheme, font, graphs, and photos)




-internal shelf



-made of welded steel

-powder coated

Innovate your business

If you still wan to learn more about how the MELO cube can revolutionise your use of space, speak to a member of our team today.

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