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The importance of quality boards for your company and teams

Internal communication within a business is so important because it has both direct and indirect influences on how effectively and consistently employees perform in the workplace, as well as helping to keep people safe and looking after their wellbeing.

Digital communication is a huge part of this for many organisations, but there are also physical communications that have to take place in any workplace, both due to legal compliance and because it’s an effective way to communicate with a large number of people at the same time.

In this piece, we look at how companies and teams can benefit from quality boards in the workplace that serve various uses. Boards made from durable, high-quality materials, with eye-catching designs and clear, engaging messages, can make a big difference to any workplace, improving efficiency and productivity while communicating essential information.

Boards for communicating organisational values and mission

A company’s values run through the entire organisation’s culture and brand ethos, so it’s important that employees understand and buy into them too. Research indicates that mission-driven workers are 54% more likely to stay for at least five years with a company and develop into high performers than those who are only motivated by pay alone. It could be information about your environmental targets or activity, your dedication to client service, your commitments to innovation, charity work or any other mission-based messages that can help inform, inspire and motivate your workforce.

Using engaging display boards in key areas of the workplace can help ensure that employees repeatedly see the values and mission of the business during their everyday work, helping to communicate the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ so that the workforce feels informed enough to get on board with the vision and ethos.

Boards for communicating health and safety information

Health and safety isn’t traditionally seen as the most exciting part of an internal communication strategy, but it’s not just about ticking the legal compliance boxes. Employee wellbeing, physically and mentally, is a big responsibility for employers. It’s essential that the workforce fully understand the health and safety practicalities that apply to their working environment, with these messages being regularly reinforced. It’s also important to provde ia way for employees to check protocol quickly and easily if they need to. Using well-designed boards in the workplace to display health and safety information is a great way to ensure this essential information is always accessible, clear and easy to digest.

Boards for communicating essential operational messages

Your specific operational processes will be individual to your organisation, which is even more of a reason why many workplaces can benefit from some internal displays or other signage to help reinforce these. Whether it’s visual cues about different areas of the workspace where there are no physical dividers, safety notices, instructions in close proximity to machinery or vehicles, or visual checklists near entrances or exits, ensuring that employees see, understand and adhere to these can help ensure a smoother-running workplace environment.

These boards can also form an integral part of your LEAN or TQM methodology, helping to display information that encourages best practice, greater efficiency and reminding staff about any recently introduced changes.

Boards for communicating to potential customers/clients

In addition to their multiple uses for internal communications, high-quality boards can also be used to help generate new business and get across important messages to potential clients or customers. Whether it’s building trust by displaying information about the company’s heritage, previous work or projects, who the core team are, or what makes you stand out from your competitors, these kinds of displays in areas of the workplace that are seen by potential new business opportunities can serve a strong purpose in business growth.

Of course, portable boards are also available for use in more direct marketing activities, such as expos, trade shows and other events.

At Melo, we design, manufacture, and install many different types of communication boards that help your business promote the things that matter to your business to effectively get your messages across. Take a look at some of our work and get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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