MELO World Team won Clean Green Business of the Year 2023 @ Halton Business Awards!

On Friday 16th of June, our Team attended Halton Business Awards Night. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate local businesses while enjoying a great atmosphere and delicious food.
Lots have changed since we last attended the Halton Business Awards back in 2017. It was great to see familiar faces and to meet the new… the passionate… the young guns. (yes, we class ourselves as experienced and a bit older now mind you). 

Halton Business Awards 1

As a business community we expand and grow. As individual businesses we are no longer afraid of a big bad Covid and the resilience we had, helped us becoming stronger and ready for new challenges.
It was great to laugh, exchange stories and make plans for networking or even joint ventures. From a business perspective – we appreciate being recognised for our continuous efforts to reach new heights as a clean & green business. The award is greatly appreciated and we will show off with it as much as possible :).

To the Hosts of Halton Business Awards..

A huge thanks to Halton Chamber of Commerce for putting together an amazing event and celebrating us, local businesses. It was one of the hottest events! (pun intended), organised meticulously. We can’t wait for next year!

You see a sign, we see…

There’s no point beating around the bush: we love signs! Clear, well-designed and useful communication is what we’re all about at Melo. We are passionate about the difference it can make to your operation. You might look around your work environment and see a sign, but we see…

An effective health and safety policy with staff welfare at the heart

Displaying health and safety information in the workplace is a legal obligation for employers, but the ways in which you do this can mean so much more than simply fulfilling your responsibilities. By using health and safety signage you ensure the relevant information is easily seen and understood by employees. Supporting it with additional boards helps you stand out as an employer that genuinely cares about the welfare of their staff.

An organisation committed to standards

Companies that display their values, mission statement and elements that make up their ethos and culture, need to ensure that they live up to these standards and levels that they have set for themselves. By displaying inner standards, whether in a visitor reception area, within offices or meeting rooms, companies are making a bold statement about who they are, what they stand for and what they are committed to, which can tell you a lot about a business and their priorities.

Power of colour coded signage

Effective LEAN management in action

Organisations using LEAN and 5S methodologies are all about continuous improvements in the workplace; visual communication and signs can play a big role in how effectively this is done. A work environment that is based around improving means, naturally, that it is constantly changing. That can sometimes be confusing for employees. Well thought out visual management means that it can be clear where is all that matters. Critical information can be communicated instantly in the exact place where it is needed.

Great organisation and efficiency

Inefficiency and disorganisation in a business can be very costly in both time and money waste. It can also demotivate staff, which can lead to more waste in simple mistakes, whatever industry you operate in. Visual communication can make a huge difference in this area. Visual aids and prompts that provide critical information make it easier for people to do their jobs, complete tasks within the right timeframe and make fewer mistakes. That’s a win all round for companies and their staff.

An impressed client and new business won

While it’s unlikely that a single sign or display is going to directly win you a new client on its own, an organisation that effectively uses visual communication and signage can make a great impression on potential and existing clients. It conveys not only the literal messages, but also shows that this is an organisation that care about the details, values clarity and transparency, is organised and efficient. These are all values that can make a real difference to how you are perceived and remembered.

If you want to talk to us about your visual management and communication requirements, the team would love to hear from you. Get in touch today to find out what we can do to help your organisation become better informed and more efficient operationally.

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The importance of quality boards for your company and teams

Internal communication within a business is so important because it has both direct and indirect influences on how effectively and consistently employees perform in the workplace, as well as helping to keep people safe and looking after their wellbeing.

Digital communication is a huge part of this for many organisations, but there are also physical communications that have to take place in any workplace, both due to legal compliance and because it’s an effective way to communicate with a large number of people at the same time.

In this piece, we look at how companies and teams can benefit from quality boards in the workplace that serve various uses. Boards made from durable, high-quality materials, with eye-catching designs and clear, engaging messages, can make a big difference to any workplace, improving efficiency and productivity while communicating essential information.

Boards for communicating organisational values and mission

A company’s values run through the entire organisation’s culture and brand ethos, so it’s important that employees understand and buy into them too. Research indicates that mission-driven workers are 54% more likely to stay for at least five years with a company and develop into high performers than those who are only motivated by pay alone. It could be information about your environmental targets or activity, your dedication to client service, your commitments to innovation, charity work or any other mission-based messages that can help inform, inspire and motivate your workforce.

Using engaging display boards in key areas of the workplace can help ensure that employees repeatedly see the values and mission of the business during their everyday work, helping to communicate the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ so that the workforce feels informed enough to get on board with the vision and ethos.

Boards for communicating health and safety information

Health and safety isn’t traditionally seen as the most exciting part of an internal communication strategy, but it’s not just about ticking the legal compliance boxes. Employee wellbeing, physically and mentally, is a big responsibility for employers. It’s essential that the workforce fully understand the health and safety practicalities that apply to their working environment, with these messages being regularly reinforced. It’s also important to provde ia way for employees to check protocol quickly and easily if they need to. Using well-designed boards in the workplace to display health and safety information is a great way to ensure this essential information is always accessible, clear and easy to digest.

Boards for communicating essential operational messages

Your specific operational processes will be individual to your organisation, which is even more of a reason why many workplaces can benefit from some internal displays or other signage to help reinforce these. Whether it’s visual cues about different areas of the workspace where there are no physical dividers, safety notices, instructions in close proximity to machinery or vehicles, or visual checklists near entrances or exits, ensuring that employees see, understand and adhere to these can help ensure a smoother-running workplace environment.

These boards can also form an integral part of your LEAN or TQM methodology, helping to display information that encourages best practice, greater efficiency and reminding staff about any recently introduced changes.

Boards for communicating to potential customers/clients

In addition to their multiple uses for internal communications, high-quality boards can also be used to help generate new business and get across important messages to potential clients or customers. Whether it’s building trust by displaying information about the company’s heritage, previous work or projects, who the core team are, or what makes you stand out from your competitors, these kinds of displays in areas of the workplace that are seen by potential new business opportunities can serve a strong purpose in business growth.

Of course, portable boards are also available for use in more direct marketing activities, such as expos, trade shows and other events.

At Melo, we design, manufacture, and install many different types of communication boards that help your business promote the things that matter to your business to effectively get your messages across. Take a look at some of our work and get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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The MELO Cube: the next generation of LEAN management

If you’re in the business of operating a lean and efficient workspace, then there’s one tool that will change the way you work

what is the MELO cube?

The Melo cube is a portable and customisable workspace that can be utilised in any business environment.

By having a workspace that can adapt to meet the needs of its environment, you can create one central hub of information, without risk of anything being lost in transit.

This combines the use of 5S shadow boards, notice boards, communication hubs and storage into a portable and durable option.

The MELO cube was first developed in 2017 and has since undergone several enhancements to ensure it is continuously improving, bringing you the best possible product on the market.

how does it work?

Each wall of the cube is completely customisable to allow for cleaning, organising rotas & workforce, holding relevant documents and more.

All of the walls are interchangeable and tailor-made, making it future-proof and built to last. All walls have a MELO custom overlay that can be changed and upgraded as often as you need – ensuring you can keep up-to-date with any business changes.

Each overlay can be customised to serve a different purpose, meaning each wall of the MELO cube can target a specific function in warehouse or business management.

cover all aspects of warehouse management


wall 1: a shadow board for cleaning equipment

wall 2: a shadow board for health and safety equipment (e.g., first aid kits) & incident reports

wall 3: information section to deliver any relevant messages effectively to all employees

wall 4: tables or graphs with any content matching your process on site

*All walls are dry wipe & magnetic-friendly – Utilise document holders or dry-wipe markers to communicate messages.

one compact & portable device

The MELO cube interior is designed with you in mind.

This space can be utilised to meet your requirements; store documents, health and safety equipment, warehouse tools, or turn into a standing work desk space – the possibilities are endless.

The movability of this product means that you will be able to take the cube wherever suits you on any given day with minimal effort.

key features

-bespoke (utilise your logo, colour scheme, font, graphs, and photos)




-internal shelf



-made of welded steel

-powder coated

Innovate your business

If you still wan to learn more about how the MELO cube can revolutionise your use of space, speak to a member of our team today.

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5S explained: how can it help you?

LEAN Manufacturing

the japanese art of LEAN management

now a global force for optimising productivity

A concept first developed in Japan’s Toyota factory in the 1970’s that has taken the rest of the world’s views on manufacturing by storm.

In just 50 years this workplace method has revolutionised the manufacturing industry as we knew it.

All by creating a method to increase productivity and profit by organising, cleaning, reducing waste, creating specific standards, and continuously following set rules for optimal results.

so, what exactly does 5S stand for?

This Japanese concept originally was comprised of 5 key words:

seiri, seiton, seisō, seiketsu, and shitsuke, which have now been translated to: sort, set in order, shine, standardise, and sustain.

But, what exactly do these words mean to your company? Let’s dive into what they mean and how to utilise them:

Kaizen 5S

Sort through what you currently have and determine what items are essential for your particular working environment, everything else can and should be removed.

Set in Order all items you deemed essential. Everything needs to have a designated and logical area for workers to access easily to complete tasks.

Shine your workspace, keeping everything you just organised clean and tidy to ensure you have a well-maintained working environment. This involves routine tasks, from sweeping and mopping to machine maintenance.

Standardise the process, creating standards for the organisation will ensure there are rules that can be easily followed to optimise productivity. Create rules for how/when tasks should be completed and keep tabs on these by using agendas, charts, or other useful tools.

Sustain all these new practices by conducting audits. All of the previous S’s must be maintained and continued to optimise productivity and efficiency. 

this phenomenon has now helped many companies… could it help yours?

The answer is simple, YES!

This methodology is a form of visual management developed to maximise efficiency in working environments.

From setting up procedures for maintaining organisation, cleanliness, and reducing waste to ensuring specific tasks are done regularly.

This idea has been implemented in many companies worldwide with optimal results.

Shadow Board

wondering where to start with LEAN management?

Easy! MELO World has to tools to help you implement or improve this 5S methodological approach within your workplace. From our communication zones to our shadow boards– we make it easy to integrate this approach within your business!

Our shadow boards are optimal for setting all your necessary tools in order. Our magnetic-friendly communication and notice boards with document holders allow for  schedules to be signed off on and audits to be placed. Utilising floor markers and signage can work together effectively to ensure the 5S message is clearly demonstrated throughout the entire workplace.

Blog Company Announcement

melo has rebranded

Thanks to our exponential growth over the past 9 years, we knew it was the right time to take a new, bold approach with a rebrand, coinciding with a sleek, easy-to-use website.

As the market is ever-evolving, we know how important it is to change with the demand and adapt, while simultaneously maintaining the same standards our customers know and expect from us.

Therefore, we continue to innovate together, and so we wanted our brand to align with our company’s values, as well as the future-proof products and services we offer.

a quote from our ceo

“We have spent the last decade focusing on the needs of our customers, striving to help them on their path to achieving excellence, but now the moment has come to look in the mirror and make sure we move with the times the way we are known for: without compromise and without cutting corners.

Last year was a roller coaster ride, and now is the right time to make Visual Management solutions the sole focus of our attention. 

My expert team and I have worked tirelessly to deliver a new, cutting-edge look that better represents MELO.

The new logo, website, marketing materials and social media presence are being combined with the positive attitude, high-quality offerings and problem-solving talent that is a mainstay of MELO World.

I also want to take this time to reveal that we have made the decision to branch out and launch a new sister company, Safety Outlet, that is devoted specifically to sourcing and supplying all things safety. Watch this space.

Thank you to everyone who has helped get us where we are today. We look forward to continuing to share the MELO standard!”

– Phil Hudzik

what’s new?

With our customers in mind- we have worked tirelessly over the past few months to redesign our website, make it more user-friendly, and really showcase what MELO has to offer.

This new layout will allow you to browse all of our visual management solutions, and gain a better understanding of our bespoke services, and how they can integrate into your company.

We have also simplified the contact us option to directly explain your specific requirements.

You can now scroll through our all-new visual showroom!

introducing safety outlet!

To coincide with this new phase of MELO World, we are excited to announce the launch of our sister company, Safety Outlet.

This new e-commerce business can supply high-quality safety equipment for all aspects of your business.

It has its own identifiable image, style, and products, with all the same quality standards you’ve come to know from MELO World.

what can you do?

Our new website designed solely for safety equipment

Visit our new website and see what’s new!

And follow Safety Outlet on: