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5S explained: how can it help you?

LEAN Manufacturing

the japanese art of LEAN management

now a global force for optimising productivity

A concept first developed in Japan’s Toyota factory in the 1970’s that has taken the rest of the world’s views on manufacturing by storm.

In just 50 years this workplace method has revolutionised the manufacturing industry as we knew it.

All by creating a method to increase productivity and profit by organising, cleaning, reducing waste, creating specific standards, and continuously following set rules for optimal results.

so, what exactly does 5S stand for?

This Japanese concept originally was comprised of 5 key words:

seiri, seiton, seisō, seiketsu, and shitsuke, which have now been translated to: sort, set in order, shine, standardise, and sustain.

But, what exactly do these words mean to your company? Let’s dive into what they mean and how to utilise them:

Kaizen 5S

Sort through what you currently have and determine what items are essential for your particular working environment, everything else can and should be removed.

Set in Order all items you deemed essential. Everything needs to have a designated and logical area for workers to access easily to complete tasks.

Shine your workspace, keeping everything you just organised clean and tidy to ensure you have a well-maintained working environment. This involves routine tasks, from sweeping and mopping to machine maintenance.

Standardise the process, creating standards for the organisation will ensure there are rules that can be easily followed to optimise productivity. Create rules for how/when tasks should be completed and keep tabs on these by using agendas, charts, or other useful tools.

Sustain all these new practices by conducting audits. All of the previous S’s must be maintained and continued to optimise productivity and efficiency. 

this phenomenon has now helped many companies… could it help yours?

The answer is simple, YES!

This methodology is a form of visual management developed to maximise efficiency in working environments.

From setting up procedures for maintaining organisation, cleanliness, and reducing waste to ensuring specific tasks are done regularly.

This idea has been implemented in many companies worldwide with optimal results.

Shadow Board

wondering where to start with LEAN management?

Easy! MELO World has to tools to help you implement or improve this 5S methodological approach within your workplace. From our communication zones to our shadow boards– we make it easy to integrate this approach within your business!

Our shadow boards are optimal for setting all your necessary tools in order. Our magnetic-friendly communication and notice boards with document holders allow for  schedules to be signed off on and audits to be placed. Utilising floor markers and signage can work together effectively to ensure the 5S message is clearly demonstrated throughout the entire workplace.

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